Looking for PWS Monitor for WU? Check your meteo data from your PWS!
Personal Weather Station Meteo Monitor

Personal Weather Station Meteo Monitor

Cumulus Weather Monitor


Check actual temperature and dew point for outdoor weather. Unique weather icons. App supports also indoor values.

Barometric pressure

You can also watch daily barometric pressure values from your Personal Weather Station with actual trend.

Humidity and rain

Humidity is one of most important value for weather prediction. If you have a rain sensor, you can monitor the current daily rainfall

Other sensors

Cumulus Weather Monitor supports solar and UV sensors. If you have connected these hardware, you can see actual values.

Wind section

Check actual wind and gust speed and direction in main wind section. You can also check daily extremes in this app.


If you are looking for more features, functions or you have more ideas for improvements, or you find any problem, let us know.



Cumulus Weather Monitor is unofficial meteo application for checking your realtime.txt data from your Personal Weather Station (PWS) with Cumulus data export to your ftp server, to see current weather values from your meteo home station.


  • inside temperature
  • inside humidity
  • outside temperature
  • outside relative humidity
  • dew point
  • temperature trend
  • barometer (pressure)
  • pressure trend
  • wind speed and direction
  • wind gust
  • current rain, last 3 hours, last day, yesterday rain
  • monthly rainfall, yearly rainfall
  • today extremes
  • high/low temp with time
  • high wind speed
  • high wind gust
  • high/low pressure
  • heat index
  • humindex
  • UV index
  • solar radiation
  • current theoretical max solar radiation
  • Zambretti forecast with icon (after click)
  • day/night indication icon

Supported Meteo Station devices

The application supports some of these manufacturers, but it should work for any device supported Cumulus realtime.txt protocol.


Davis LaCrosse Oregon MyDEL Nevada Watson Tycon Power Aercus Ambient Weather Raspberry pi WeatherEye Instromet Fine Offset stations Many others


Cumulus Weather Monitor for PWS

Download App

Personal Weather Station Meteo Monitor available on iOS and Android mobile devices (Android mobile, tablet, iPhone, iPad)

Download - Personal Weather Station Meteo Monitor - Android
Download - Personal Weather Station Meteo Monitor - iPhone/iOS

* This is unofficial mobile application for checking meteo information from your Personal Weather Station. The App and all values in app are without guarantee. For run this app you will need URL of realtime.txt file from your ftp/web server.